What is good customer service?

Our customer champion Alexander is sharing his thoughts on customer service standards.

I will tell you what, why don’t you tell me! No, honestly why don’t you tell me? I have spent numerous years standing on the hospitality front line and I have been trained, told, even barked at, with what to do, how to speak and behave. But you and only you know exactly the level of customer service that you want to offer which will be based on what you intend to sell.

So, think back, when have you placed an order? When have you bought anything online or in-store and when was that horrid sales person was so incredibly rude to you that you felt incensed? It might seem odd to ask at first, but let me say this if you know what not to do, trying to find out exactly what to do, how to speak, respond, act and at what tone and speed is easy.

The greatest and only secret I will share with you now is exactly this, people want to be treated like a human being from a human being. We live in a culture of compensation, but it very well may surprise you how far you can go in service recovery if you simply apologise sincerely, accept responsibility and try to fix it.

That human touch will get you into almost everything and over almost anything. Do not underestimate it! You know how annoyed you get by the automated emails, the sad out of office replies and the Indian call centre nonsense that you are forced to accept, so why should you force that onto your customers who will hopefully become your regular customers and then your businesses lifeline!

There was a study once that stated a claim that had the ability to rock the service world. The claim was that customers were influenced overall in the following breakdown:

80% body language

15% tone of voice

5% words used

Imagine, when looking at face to face direct selling how that currently impacts your business. If you are looking at how to interpret that to online, 80% is about accuracy and urgency.

Customer service is no hard, it should be very easy. Don’t try to be like someone else or another company, just be yourself. The customers will 99% accept that and the sales will follow suit. Then if all else fails, make sure you have a telephone number somewhere very obvious!

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