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Take advantage of our free consultation offer. Whether you are on idea validation or startup stage, chat with us to find out if we can help

What do we offer

What's on offer?

We will schedule a convenient time slot to discuss your needs. Simply get your thoughts together and let's discuss how can we help

How much will this cost?

We offer this initial service for free. It usually lasts up to 30 minutes.

Why do we offer our time for free?

There is no point filling in briefs, writing descriptions and potentially wasting precious time. Let's get on the call or Skype and find out where you are, what are your needs and how can we help.

Why Sell Online Coach?

We do have an extensive marketing experience working in traditional and digital marketing for over 10 years. Our co-founders Alexander and Dimitri have also founded a few successful e-commerce businesses. If you want a truly personal approach together with a no nonsense advice, we invite you to schedule an initial call. You can read more About Us here.

How to prepare for the call?

We'd prefer you having a clear picture of what you need and want to do together with detailed specification. It is idealistic though. Get your thoughts together and think about your goals, resources and expectations. Let's discuss this and find out whether we can help you with your business venture.

Is it free to start and very expensive later on?

We are small business too. We understand limited budgets as well. That is why our pricing for consulting services is based on a very competitive hourly rate. Our Google AdWords campaign management services are also very attractive - we don't charge for your budgets, simply a straightforward monthly fee. You will get a professional working alongside you for a fraction of what you'd pay for even an entry level employee.

Why small businesses?

We love entrepreneurs, spirit of achievement, commitment and a massive drive. We haven't seen much of it in a corporate environment and that's why we'd love to help similarly minded people to achieve their goals, but most importantly their hopes and dreams. We are grateful for any opportunity to work with passionate people.


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