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Books, Articles and Case Studies on Entrepreneurship

How to start business with or without a new product idea?

Many people wonder whether a new and brilliant product idea is necessary to start their online business. Whilst it would be absolutely amazing to have one from the get go, it is not ultimately mandatory to have one in the beginning. In this short e-book we discuss various approaches to starting your business - from product led to affiliate businesses. You do not even need to have product at all! Find it on Amazon as a kindle version

How to generate ideas for your business?

How to turn your passions into business ideas? We have developed a very fun to read and very visual book that showcases techniques that you can use to generate business ideas. It includes brainstorming, but also dozens more. Three comic book characters are showing the direction how to approach this playfully. Find this book on Amazon as kindle but also available to be printed on demand.

What about if I'm new to customer service?

We've all been there! Our customer service expert Alexander is sharing his thoughts on what constitutes a good customer service and why you should not be afraid of taking a plunge. Read his article for free here.

What about affiliate marketing?

Our digital marketing guru Dimitri has spent over 8 years managing large scale affiliate marketing programmes. He has also created a set of straightforward articles and how to guides on

What's the difference between WordPress and Shopify?

We recommend Shopify as an amazing out-of-the-box platform to start your e-commerce business. However we would like to give you more details why. Follow our guide to compare features and find out what's best for you.

Can you start online business as a part-timer?

Many online entrepreneurs do not have a luxury of quitting their jobs to start their new business from scratch. We did both -  part-time and also full-time for different businesses. We share our thoughts what's required and would welcome your own feedback and comments whether your business can be managed simply part-time or your full involvement is mandatory.

What would you like us to write about?

As with many things in marketing it is difficult to outline something for everyone. What would you like us to write about in terms of small business e-commerce? Let us know!

Finally, it is all about how you manage your time and priorities

If you feel overwhelmed by platforms, Google, SEO, social media and many more aspects of e-commerce and digital marketing, you can always outsource. Get in touch with us for your free consultation and for our very cost effective quote. We save time by handling your initial store setup and monthly management of your Google AdWords campaigns and more!

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